My Name is Deanna Earley (she/her), and I'm a software developer with over 25 years of professional experience, and many more before that.

Officially, I'm a backend web developer with perl, but in a previous life, I've used VB6, C#, and C++ for Windows application development.
I'm also regularly making use of python, PHP, and a variety of other stacks and tools to hack and coerce devices to my desire,

I also work with the Scout Association as an Explorer Scout leader and work closely with the LGBT and diversity teams.

I'm an active member of StackOverflow with involvement in projects on Bitbucket and GitHub.

I enjoy walking, climbing, photography, board games, and believe very strongly in freedom of speech and anti censorship and as such, am a member of the Open Rights Group. I also take part in activism on equality, inclusion, and human rights, regardless of gender, orientation, race, disability, etc.

My Curriculum Vitae (a few years out of date).

Version: 3.1
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w++(++++)$ !O !M !V PS++(+++) PE(-) Y(+) PGP+ t !5 X+ R>+ tv--() b+>++ DI++(+++)
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