Curriculum Vitae for Deanna Earley

Deanna Rebecca Earley
Date of birth
19 August 1982
6, Balmoral House
Thyme Avenue
PO15 7GX
United Kingdom
+44 (0)780 8369596

Skills and experience

I am a Windows application developer with 15 years professional experience with multiple languages including C#, VB6 and Pascal in various different frameworks and environments.

I've also done web development projects with PHP, perl, JavaScript and plain HTML running on Linux with apache and Windows with IIS.

Most of these have been in conjunction with both MySQL and Microsoft SQL server databases, as well as communicating with web services, email systems, and proprietary hardware interfaces.

Amongst my hobbies are amateur cartography and as such have contributed lots of data to the OpenStreeMap project. I'm also an active contributor in various online programmer communities including StackOverflow, Usenet, and smaller groups.

I have been a member of Scouting from an early age and currently run an Explorer Scout unit and volunteer as part of a small team providing diversity and inclusion training around the country.

Each January, I work with the local Mountbatten Players theatre company as a lighting and stage technician for their annual production. My other hobbies include walking, climbing and photography of industrial architecture and ageing buildings.

Previous work experience

October 2000 to date - Software developer, iCode Systems

Lead developer for the iCatcher CCTV range of products where I oversaw development, as well as planning new features and migration of existing features to new environments.

Technical contact with suppliers for integration, feeding back technical details and results of testing.

I also implemented and managed the bug and feature tracking system, source versioning and build management, and was responsible for dealing with customer support issues.

Personal projects

Most of the personal projects I work on have been made available under an open source licence and I work with several projects on both Bitbucket and GitHub.

Recent projects have included a set of C# based libraries for working with a wide range of media streaming protocols, and a vehicle dash cam running on a Raspberry Pi.