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Vosper Thornycroft shipyard

Woolston, Southampton

Mostly demolished, but still left with a crane and a warehouse.

After spending about an hour avoiding all the taxis, my brother and I finally got into the Vospers site unharmed.
We picked our way accross to the main building, only to find it VERY tightly sealed up :|
We then headed around to the crane to see if that was accessible and it was.
It has a very narrow stair well and a huge pigeon colony in the cab, but I got a few nice pictures from the top:


Southampton car port

The itchen bridge

Fawley refinery

Security obviously didn't work...

There wasn't a huge amount else to see on the site as it is all piles of rubble now, and unfortunately, my camera is absolutely rubbish at night shots and I had ~30 blurred or completely black photos. Thank god for digital :o)

I'm still disappointed about the building though :|

The rest of the photos can be found at: