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Undershaw hotel AKA Sir Arthur Conan Doyles house

Hindhead, Berkshire

Since I've been doing some work up in Hindhead recently, I thought I'd check out the ex Undershaw hotel.
It was built for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1895 for his wife who was diagnosed with TB, thinking the fresh valley air would do her good, which it did. She lived until 1906.

Both "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" and "The Hound of the Baskervilles" were written at this house.

From 1924 to 2004, it was used as a hotel and resteraunt, and has been derelict since, however it is a grade II listed building and there are plans to put it back to use.
Sometime in the last 2 years, theiving scum stole the lead from the roof so it is sadly covered in huge amounts of scaffolding and sheeting making overview photos of the outside pretty much impossible.
I have included the only good photo I can find from GoogleEarth:

Considering this building is within ~20m of the A3, very few people know it is there and the entrance is not at all obvious unless you know about it:

Getting a photo of the front of the house was also very difficult due to lots of trees and the garden sloping away very steeply into the valley:

There are some nice internal features inside like this fireplace:

The hotel bar:

Footpath entrance arch:

Sadly this site does have security with PIRs all over the interior with an audible alarm as soon as it's tripped which is why I got very few inside shots.
Security will be called although it took them 2.5 hours to turn up and bizarely, called a police dog unit...

As usual, the full photos are at: