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Sunninghill house

Ascot/Sunninghill, Berkshire

After this place was mentioned in the Daily Mail in February (someone told me :) as having been abandoned for years, I decided to check it out.

The park dates back many years as a private house and land, but was purchased in 1945 by the Crown estate for the, then, Princess Elizabeth.
But burnt down before they could live there.

In 1988, construction began on the new house for the Duke and Duchess of York, completed in 1990.
After the couple had split up, the Duke of York moved away in 2004, with the house being sold in 2007 to an "Eastern European", with some dicussion as to who.

Since then, the beutiful house and grounds have been abandoned, and almost left to ruin.

(largely ripped off from Wikipedia)

And here is where we come in...

From the top of the drive, we could see PTZ dome cameras all over the buildings so were a bit nervous about going in.
Especially given:

As the drive continued on past the house we decided to give it a go and walk down and past, noticing PIR sensors on the corners of the walls.

All entrances seemed secure and we weren't up for jumping the main gates with cameras all over..
Then we got around the back and noticed the rear gate was wide open!!!

Looking at the grounds, no one had been there for ages, and while creeping around, we found the electrical room with the master switch off

The swimming pool is still full and has the cover on but seems to be very green coloured when i pushed it down.

The also seem to have pulled up most of the patio tiles at both the front and the back, but there are no other signs of damage or stripping

Where the Bentley should have been

Thankfully security weren't on the ball:

But the house was secured so the few interior shot we managed were through windows