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Pound's ship scrapyard

Tipner, Portsmouth

The Pound's scrapyard is situated in Tipner, very visible from either side of the M275 entering Portsmouth.
The sites main use was for stripping and scrapping old ships over the years, including many US navy ships and equipment

The site has contained ships, ferrys, 2 ancient submarines, amphibious vehicles, and numerous old concrete pontoons, many of which have fallen aparts and lay around the shores.

Currently left in the yard are two US Navy LARCs (Lighter, Amphibious Resupply, Cargo, 60 ton) which seem to be complete bar the propellers having been removed and flat tyres.

I would so love to take one of these on a rampage through Portsmouth :D

They even have spare tyres:

Among other vessels on site is the old chain ferry from Falmouth in Cornwall run by King Harry ferrys which was replaced in 2006.

It is also home to the RFA Galle which used to be part of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (I think), but is now grounded and rusting. The bow is a good 30' high with opening doors, and unscalable bar a few ropes hanging down.

If anyone is up for climbing, let me know

Remaining photos and wrecks at