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Meridian TV studios

Northam, Southampton

The Meridian TV studios were used up until about 5 years ago by TVS, and then Meridian/ITV until they scaled back their operations and the studios became redundant.

Over the years since it's closure, the site has been attempted a few times, but had very "on the ball" security and would follow you around with the moving cameras all around the site.

I finally visited the old TV studio late on a sunday night with FourFeathers and Matt, and after a few minutes studying the outside of the building, we found a way into the main studios out of sight of the security hut, but required a little bit of stealthyness.

Being late at night, we couldn't get that many photos without relying on the flash, and even that didn't do much in the HUGE blacked out studio halls, but here is a selection:

Tech store/workshop

Audio patch panels in the main studio

Lighting grid winch control panel

The main reception desk

Wardrobe department

Makeup, and Matt trying out the chair


One of the main studio control rooms

The now disused CCTV cameras on our way out at 2:30AM

A week later, I went past and noticed that they had demoed a bit more of the building so decided to do another trip, taking advantage of the daylight and hi-vis to "blend in" :o)

The building contains one large TV studio, and 2 much smaller studios, as well as many sound booths and video editing suites, and, what I assume is the main broadcast control room.

Throughout the site, there must have been many hundreds of full height equipment cabinets, and normally at least one in each rooms, and thousands of miles of copper, only a small fraction of it having been stripped out and is now lying all over the floor.

A lot of the equipment there was auctioned off about 3 years ago, and there were printouts from the auction sites everywhere.

There was also a lot in this room... :p

As there was more light on the second visit, I tried to get a few shots of the main studio

Between my two visits, the demolition crew had emptied out most of the main studio and knocked a huge hole in the front wall, presumable for extra light as there is no direct sunlight into the hall.

Of course, I had to get a photo under the iconic sign on the roof...

From the car park just outside the main entrance

All my photos are available at my usual site at:

Enjoy :o)