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G.S.Smart & Co


G.S. Smart was founded in 1897 as a manufacturer of ornamental metalware in Birmingham. They use traditional metalworking skills in conjunction with modern techniques to design and develop a range of quality artistic metalware.

In 1984, the company was acquired by Metalrax Group PLC, a respected Birmingham based engineering group of over 20 operating companies. Since then, G.S.Smart has expanded into selling through home shopping outlets and has seen growth in the supply to retail stores.

They manufacture traditional and modern wrought iron furniture for the home, including tables, chairs, bedroom furniture, headboards and bedsteads and fittings.

(History curtosy of VirusMan)

I finally found the site on a surprisingly busy road and on driving past, I noted two PCSOs walking past, and thought that once I'd parked and got back, they'd be long gone.
On walking up to it, ANOTHER two PCSOs walk past!!
I disappeared around the corner and waited a bit for the coast to be clear and found my entrance.

The first bit I could get into was hopelessly derelict and I wasn't happy going to far inside, but did manage a few photos:

It was at this point, I discovered the magic of a tripod, and programmed exposure control :D

This factory must have been fairly busy at some time as it had between 1 and 3 floors (along the building) and was very deep.
It even had it's own substation (now disconnected)


On venturing into the main factory units, most of it had been stripped:

A fair amount of the roof windows had smashed so there was lots of banging from things in the wind and a lot of crap in places

On the top of the middle unit, there was shevling with parts and stock still left on them:

And one lone bedknob:

Patriotic chairs:

And the obligatory lonely chair:

I think this was goods in:

and I wasn't up for finding out where this went:

I also found the entrance to the Offices from the factory then panicked breifly when there was an intermittant beep coming from different places around the building, then noticed it was the smoke detectors.

Sadly, most of the offices had also been emptied:

including the showroom:

Sadly in the end, they...

The last entries in the visitors book: