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Ewshot camp

South of Fleet near Church Crookham

I think I'll start my report of this site with this picture:

(Yes he is holding a gun!)

As is usual, I'd seen the site on google earth, and could see barrack blocks along the side of a hill and other similar buildings around an ageing square.

I believe this to be the remains of Crookham or Ewshot Camp south of Fleet/Church Crookham built in the 1900 for the Royal Field Artillary and Royal Army Medical Corps.
There is a VERY detailed history at:

I checked this out late one night, and found there to be a path running between the two halves, but as it was cold, windy, dark, and there were owls hooting constantly, the empty, unlit blocks looked very spooky and I left it for a daytime trip :|

Heading back from London on the Tuesday after the pissup (and after the Pyestock hearing started), I dropped by and parked up at the end of the footpath and started the walk in.
I heard a few dog barks and thought nothing of it.

I followed the path, checking the not particularly large fence on either side for potential access, then got to the point where I could see further into the site and was presented with the view above.

It turns out the site is being used for training guard dogs and handlers, I assume for the police, security companies and the nearby Pyestock ;o)

After being asked not to take any more photos of them, I took a few more, then went to see about the sourthern part.
I climbed through, and got a few hurried shots before bottling out again as I could be clearly seen from the live part and didn't fancy being part of the training.

On with the few photos...

The northern compound:

The southern part surrounding the parade ground:

The remainder of the photos are at the usual site:

I'll probably revisit it when they don't have guard dogs running around!!