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Central health clinic


The Central health clinic in Southampton was a fairly busy clinic containing various non medical services like voice therapy, child services, etc.

It was also neighboured by the ambulance station.

The ambulance station was shut down several years ago, and departments moving out of the clinic as recent as December, leaving very little inside that wasn't attached.
It has now been completely stripped inside, leaving pretty much just the internal walls
I made several visits to the site with varying amounts of access, and some help from a squatter that had changed the locks but was very friendly.

From the ambulance station, what I think is a furnace:

The ambulance workshop:

The main hall:

Sadly, they had cut out the slidey pole :o(

The station could sleep two paramedics at a time with nice fold down bunks:

The reception desk in the main clinic was still intact:

From the child services department:

One of the floors also had some very nice murals:

I went back a few days after this to see what was happening and found they had stripped most of the interior, but luckily, left the logo/paintings on the walls:

The view looking east from the top:

I also managed to get THE BEST photo I've ever managed to get from my camera from the roof one evening:

The remaining photos are at: