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What's happened?

This weekend, I've been away, camping with my scouts. Carrie knew that she could call me anytime and I even had my phone on pretty much all the time.

Sunday morning, she said she was feeling "meh" but that's fairly normal and can happen for any number of reasons. An hour later she tells me that her cat has gone missing, and after a few more messages we agree to go down to Portsmouth to look. Several times, things get short between us, but we look with no luck, head back and I drop her back at home. We finally hug and I go back to the campsite. We send goodnight messages and she apologises for being snappy.

The next day, I get a few messages to pick up some things from the shop on the way home with the usual x's.

When I do get in after picking up the shopping, I get a cursory hello and a kiss, but pretty much ignored beyond that. Knowing she's still upset, I tried several times to hug and comfort or speak to her, most of which are flat out ignored or worse, she gets up and leaves.

All of this is making me feel pretty shitty and worthless as she won't let me in or even let me know what's upsetting her. I even had to ask for a goodnight kiss before she turned away from me.

What sort of useless girlfriend am I if I can't even get her to open up to me? I have no idea if she needs it, but I do to feel a part of this relationship.