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TDoR 2017

We mark another year, and yet another increase in the number of trans people murdered in the last 12 months. 325 men, women and children, and countless more lost to suicide, for nothing more than trying to live their lives.
All the while, we're receiving a constant barrage of anti transgender rhetoric and lies, almost daily between the Times and the Daily Mail, and other publications.

I've now grown tired of trying to educate people on the reality of trans people as the abusers never want to listen.
Every time, they trot out the same old myths, without any original thought, and every time we reply with the facts.
I'm tired, and I don't have the energy any more.

There are vigils and events held around the world to mark the Trans day of Remembrance, including here in Southampton.
It'd be great to see some of you there supporting us x