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Raspberry Pi dashcam

I've been after a project to make use of a Raspberry Pi for a while, and finally settled on trying to create a dashcam for my car that I can control, both to record video to contribute to OpenStreetMap, and as a general dashcam.

I have a standard RPi 2 B in a case with the Pi camera and a 64GB microSD card running Raspbian. The software is currently made up of a short bash script calling raspivid in a loop.

I started with the RPi itself attached to the back of rear view mirror with an elastic band (I'm ashamed to say that that's all I had to hand!). Needless to say, the results weren't great...

While the image was decent, the camera was far too shaky, even with YouTube's video stabilisation!

As I now knew the RPi and camera were up to the job, I tried a more solid mounting. String :)

This resulted in a much better video, even while the car is bouncing. It was recorded at about 4:30PM so starting to get dark again and it's still a usable image, and the daylight images are amazing!

I'm planning to expand the hardware to have a GPS, and to read car's telemetry data, either via OBDii or the CANbus. The software is also going to be developed further to support multiple cameras, and recording to Mpeg4 container files.