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Opting in to uncensored internet

So, I will be optiing in to an uncensored internet. If I happen to get porn with that who cares, I'm an adult and it's legal.
I'm far more interested in free speech and not having some unknown government entity saying what I should and shouldn't be looking at. We're not in China. yet.

How long will it be before people are finding more non "porn" sites or "fringe" sites being blocked?
Remember, this HAS happened before with Wikipedia being "accidentally" blocked/filtered.

How about looking at it this way...
You don't want your child looking at "adult content"? Why not just turn on the "adult content" filter built into every mainstream web browser for the last 10 years? Or install some sort of local filter to limit your own children (or partner :p) from seeing "objectionable" content.

You wouldn't expect your government to bring up your children exactly as you'd want. Would you?