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"I support marriage equality" Do you really?

This morning, someone I knew decided to share this image and I made a comment that it was missing a poly marriage (he was after all advocating equal marriage) to which he replied:

"True but if you say that then you would be saying that a guy or girl marring(sic) an animal should be"

I exploded at this considering he's a gay guy promoting "equal marriage" and to use the exact same argument against it that have been used by Paul Rand, Bryan Fischer, Michael Reagan, former Australian MP Cory Bernardi, disgraced UKIP candidate (is that possible?) Julia Gasper against any form off gay marriage is beyond ironic.

A reminder to people that while the English government have introduced "Same sex marriage", it is still FAR from equal marriage!
For example, Civil partnerships are still only for same sex couples. If anyone doesn't identify fully as male or female then you're also out of luck. How about a poly relationship? No, one (or more) of you has to stay outside.
Not truly equal is it?

Let's not forget that people that have previously transitioned from one gender to another, and had to annul your marriage? Ner ner, you're not getting it back! For those in a civil partnership, you still have to get it annulled to convert to a marriage.

And back to the original "inspiration" for this post, why can't a man or a woman get married to an animal??
Oh yeah, they are not able to give consent or sign a legal document! Dur!