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I have formally asked for an ADHD referral...

I have been really struggling with motivation, keeping on top of basic tasks, self care.
I originally put this down to depression, but Sertraline, and Citalopram had no effect, both of which I have come off of.
Independently, I have had friends with ADHD recognise various symptoms in myself and suggested I check it out.

At school, I was always the "Has potential, but needs to apply themselves." person.
I was also diagnosed with Dyslexia (I now understand to be Dysgraphia too), after my parents, could see I had some learning difficulties.The current impact is...
I was never "disruptive" so my parents (and me as an adult) were never clued into ADHD, until I learned about inattentive ADHD being a thing.

  • Extreme forgetfulness, I can forget things, tasks, details, as soon as I look away, or start working on something else.
    All concept of that previous task has just gone.
    If I don't do something the moment it comes up, it's gone, I forget about it, which ties into...
  • Distractions. I'm finding it very hard to concentrate on what I need to be doing.
    Conversely, when I am distracted, that new task becomes "The Task", and any previous work is forgotten about. Forever normally.
  • Prioritisation. Following on from the above, when I have multiple competing priorities that are being asked for, I can't prioritise.
    I end up either doing neither of them, or trying to switch between them with the associated "task switching" time to get in the right state.
  • Motivation. I know I need to do a task. The task will take me 5 minutes. It takes 3 hours to work up the energy to get myself to do the task.

The effects have increased since lockdown and working from home, I'm assuming due to lack of a set structure or schedule, as well as more distractions at home.
Some types of music help with this as it cuts out most of the outside world. Anything with talk has the opposite effect.

A typical scenario is something like:

  • Doing work on my PC, something triggers a prompt to my phone that I need to respond to (2 factor auth).
  • Pick up my phone and wait for the prompt
  • Check all the other notification
  • See the page I had open previously, continue reading
  • Realise I was waiting for a prompt that has now expired
  • Go back to my PC, to see that's failed, and I need to start again

Another I noticed a few weeks ago:

  • I need to feed the cats.
  • I feed one cat, and go to wash out the tin and get a new one.
  • I see there is other recycling to take out so take that outside.
  • Notice the post, open it.
  • Car tax reminder, I do that online before I forget.

The other cat got fed eventually...

And a few days ago, I was in a meeting, and.. I can only describe it as "my brain gave up".
It was impossible to focus on what was being said and asked, and I could not think straight at all.
I tried to muddle through the rest, but I apologised and had to disconnect.

One thing I have recently found that helps, is accountability. Telling *other people* what I need to do, and what I have done.
Task lists and constant reminders sometimes help, they just grow, or get ignored as "too annoying", or I'm busy with something else.

I'm sure there are more examples that don't come to mind right now.

Screenshot of the ASRS survey