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Gender self determination and the UK government

There is currently a petition going around to ask our government to allow people to self identify rather than have many interviews, checkups, poking, prodding, and forking out money for the government to change a flag in a database.
They have responded with essentially "That's the way it is".

The whole system seems to be outdated anyway, after all, my passport, driving licence, IDs, electoral records, etc all differ from the gender I am "considered by the state" to be. (Are they saying their passport system gives out passports that are incorrect?)
As far as I'm aware, this only comes into play for marriage/civil partnerships, but or wait, they have same sex marriage now anyway!

As for non binary genders and identities, this is still based on an outdated view and doesn't take into account the myriad of different chromosomal makeups and even physical conditions like intersex people.
Do they still force intersex people into one gender or the other (based in whether any penis is long enough for sex) only to then force them again to go through lengthy procedures and charge them to correct it?

I'd also love to know what the real "important legal and social consequences" are of someone's gender. It's not like it affects anything like you ability to get certain jobs, or fair pay, or equal treatment. Oh wait...

Can you please sign this so we can get the government to discuss this sensibly with people that are actually living in these situations?