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Gender and government's recognition of such - A letter to my MP

Hello George Hollingbery.

My name is Deanna and I live In Whiteley, POXX XXX and you are currently
my representative in parliament.
As such, I would like to ask your opinion on something that concerns me.

Recently, there was a petition for the UK government to update their procedures and policies regarding transgender people and official recognition.

There is a quote in the response that says "Under the law of the United Kingdom, individuals are considered by the state to be of the gender that is registered on their birth certificate, either male or female."

Further to this, there have been recent news items about transgender people being put in clearly the wrong gender prison, Tara Hudson and the very unfortunate death of Vicky Thompson (although their GRC status is unknown).
The Ministry of Justice have published guidelines on this:
"4.2. In most cases prisoners must be located according to their gender as recognised under UK law."
It also has an allowance to ignore this and use their acquired genderwhere desired.

As a transgender person, can I ask why I have various government issued documents (driving licence, birth certificate, passport) that have conflicting markers?
I know which ones are correct, but I need to pay yet more money, undergo more tests and interviews to get the last one corrected.
Even worse is that the modern ones even say "A certificate is not evidence of identity."

At what point would the fact that government is issuing documents that go against the gender they consider me to be, become fraud?

I look forward to your reply and would welcome a face to face chat if you want to discuss it further.

Kind regards