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Equal marriage

Well, today after some debate, the Equal marriage bill passed the 2nd reading in the House of Commons. While there is still a long way to go, this is a huge first step, especially as it passed with a 225 vote majority.

This bill also has various issues with regards to trans rights. I won't go into details here but Sarah Brown has a detailed post on the subject.

What has surprised me is the number of people that are just completely misunderstanding the bill and are claiming that the churches are being forced to perform same sex marriages, the religious same sex marriages should never be allowed, etc.

What most of them don't seem to get is that the bill (as it's currently proposed) does exactly the opposite!
This was taken form a very long "discussion" on Facebook:

You're still missing the point, this bill is NOT forcing churches to perform gay marriages. It IS allowing those churches/faiths that do believe in it to opt in to performing them. This means a gay couple CAN have a civil marriage which won't involve the church at all. It also means that if a gay quaker couple want to marry, and the quakers opt in to performing them, then they can have a (quaker) religious ceremony. This still won't involve the CofE or RC churches. If a Jewish couple want to get married, and their church has opted in, then they can, also without involving the CofE or RC churches. Why is everyone getting so het up about other people doing something that won't effect them?