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Communicado reveal their broker

Communicado have replied once again, with the detaile of their list broker:

We have also suppressed the domain The source for this address would seem to be Marketing Webs who supply business addresses and are DMA members.
This Partial Email Address Search yielded 1 Result:

ID: 24191397
Unsub Key: LVVAL6243V0L07Y21DCM
Source List: Marketing Webs

The address details we have on file are as follows:-

Marketing Webs Group
3rd Floor
Regency House
Westminster Place
York Business Park
YO26 6RW

Marketing Webs are a 'Member of the DMA' and the UK's leading data supplier who can give you access to the most accurate data in the UK from recognised providers, but at a fraction of the price due to our massive volumes from clients such as Asda and Toshiba to name just a few. hence why we can price match and beat any quote by 5%.
Case Studies:
"Great service and excellent data at affordable prices. I can't ask for more than that! Many thanks."
Multiple B2B Data Requirements/Email Marketing

We do not accept your request for payment. As I stated earlier, we do not pay compensation in such cases, it is a quick and easy matter to unsubscribe. I apologise once again for any inconvenience caused we get our lists from reputable suppliers who supposedly supply only incorporated businesses. I don't know what a dictionary attack is, but these email addresses are usually obtained through surveys or subscriptions or club memberships.

If you have any other domains you wish to be suppressed, or if I can help with any more source data - please let me know

Customer Service

Oddly, no online contact details, let's do some digging.

Searching for their address comes up with many hits for a letting agent which doesn't seem to exist any more (dead phone number and website).
Let's try Searching for their (generic sounding) name. Well, we have some generic business directory sites, but nothing new.. but hang on...
The text on the first hit looks familiar, It appears that Phil has copied and pasted their details verbatim!

This blog also discusses a previous run in with them

It also seems that their claim to be a member of the DMA is rubbish as they aren't listed in the directory (probably why it's in quotes in their description).

I'll give it a few hours and call their bluff. For those wondering, I'll still be making a claim this weekend as they haven't proved they are exempt.