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Comms Data Bill and privacy

Today, the Lords discuss adding an "amendment" to an already huge bill.
This amendment? It consists of guts of a previous bill that has been read, reviewed and declined by a group of MPs and Lords as unsuitable and inappropriate, raising many concerns, none of which have yet been addressed.

I know most of you won't be bothered about this, but it requires telecoms companies (your ISP, and phone provider) to store data about EVERYTHING you do online (From the bill: "traffic data, use data or subscriber data") "just in case".

I, amongst many other people think this is a huge invasion of our privacy and should be stopped at all costs, lest it becomes 1984 all over again.
"Oh, but I have nothing to hide" so you're happy for your entire life to be recorded by corporations and the government?
Given previous high profile data breaches, I don't trust them an inch with any of this data!

I've already asked a couple of Lords, and there are a few good people in there (Lord Strasburger) but let's see if the rest do the right thing.

Promise me you'll at least take a look?