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Portsdown hill southern portals


While coming back from Portsmouth last night, I thought I'd have a quick look around the southern portals to the fuel store under Portsdown hill to see if anything had changed.

Unsurprisingly, nothing had at the easily accessable one so I wondered over to the other enclosure to find it was open... (to an extent).

The undergrowth is fairly thick inside so arkward to move around (especially in sandals) but I managed to get a few pics:

Sadly the doors are still tightly locked but I would love to get a look inside.

The ventilation tube to the top left has metal brackets welded over it and to a smaller ring around the base so there is no chance of entry that way.

As per the big sign at the entrance, this is still "secret" MOD land so I was a bit nervous. This wasn't helped by seeing a HUGE police car sat in the road near where I'd parked at the end of the housing estate :o(
Luckily they turned around and drove off slowly when I returned to the car :o)