There isn't much to say about me, but I'm a young lass living in Hampshire who's interested in walking, climbing, photography, computers, and all the usual gumpf.

This site contains lots of random stuff for/about/belonging to me that you may find of interest or use.

US 2012 election results

It's amazing how polarised the opinions on last night's results are.

My timeline alternates between "Sanity returns to the Oval office", "The devil is still in office", "The world is a safer place for the next 4 years", "You've just voted for marxism", etc.

Even before the election, Everything I read was a mix of "Obama's done amazing things for the economy", "he's fucked it all up", "We need someone new to stop it going further downhill" (Note, no guarantee that this new person will actually do any better..).

The gallery is back online. Again!

Well, after finally getting my arse in gear and setting up a new server to host my photos on, I decided to not use it and rsync my photo gallery onto my public server!

So, without further a'do, I present.... My Gallery!

Once again, I plan to keep both the gallery and this site up to date and hopefully get a few more urbex reports up online.

The gallery is back online

My gallery is now back online with access to all 17K and 9GB worth of photos at the same address as before (http://www.doesnotcompute.co.uk/gallery/).

Due to the amount of disk space required, this is hosted on a different server, and makes use of an SSH tunnel and mod_proxy on the main web server to trahnsparently forward the requests to the original server.

This also restores the pictures in my Urbex reports.

Enjoy :)

New website

Well, As part of trying to bring my website up to date, I've now moved it into a full CMS system based on Drupal.
This allows me to edit it anywhere, it handles comments, permissions, entry listings, etc.

I hope to have a lot more content moving over to it in the next few weeks, including reinstating the gallery and all the Lego CAD renders as well as keeping a periodically updated blog about stuff that happens so be sure to check back frequently.



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