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Communicado *almost* admit breaking the law!

After a long delay, it appears my email has been escalated up to the owner!


We have suppressed the domain @earlsoft.co.uk, you should not be receiving more email to it. If you are receiving email to another domain please inform us of the domain or forward us a copy of the flyer received so that we can also suppress that domain….or use the unsubscribe link to remove an individual email address.

Formal business correspondence etiquette, who needs that?

Is it too much to ask, for people to use proper English and full punctuation?
We received an email today shown in its entirety:

enquiry on 2 axis items would like to set up a account if price is right cctv company
0785XXXXXXX contact

A "Hello", "please", and "thank you would be appreciated, or at the very least, ANY punctuation!

Communicado go incommunicado

After the previous emails asking Communicado Ltd to confirm what business relationship we had before they started spamming me, things have gone a bit quiet. Presumably they're doing the "if we ignore her, she'll go away" thing.

Communicado think the law doesn't apply to them

So, after my email to Communicado quoting the law at them, they seem to have missed it. They replied again a few days ago, and sent me a letter today restating that they won't pay damages and any court case will fail (we'll see in a few weeks).

The ICO have been quite clear on how to deal with these situations.

"Why does it keep stopping on its own?"

Taking a phone call today:
"I have two CCTV systems that keep stopping on their own"
I check the logs as the software explicitly logs why it stopped.
"Someone pressed the 'stop' button"
"Well, why doesn't it say that?"
"It does, there, where it says 'stopped monitoring'"
"Let me test... Well, why does this keep happening to two different machines in two different places?"
"Because two different people keep pressing 'Stop'!"
I resisted saying "two different idiots", but some people just can't see the obvious!


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